NP Krka

Natural and karst phenomenon with an ethno village awarded a Golden flower of Europe. An encounter with beautiful, untouched nature. A walk along numerous paths and small bridges with a magical murmur of waterfalls.

ITINERARY: The excursion starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to the National Park Krka by tourist bus with a guide. You will take a guided tour of the Park, Skradinski Buk (one of the most attractive waterfalls with its 17 steps), old watermills where wheat was ground between millstones, ethnographic collection and a watermill that served as a fabric softener (the power of water was used to soften wool). Krka waterfalls are a great place to have a swim, go for a walk, take a boat cruise, and enjoy a variety of catering services. Free time for lunch. Return to Novalja.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100. The price includes a ticket to the park and a guide from Novalja


NP Plitvice Lakes

Extraordinary beauty of lakes and waterfalls, richness of flora and fauna, contrasts of colour, forest and surrounding mountain region pronounced the world natural heritage by the UNESCO.

ITINERARY: The excursion starts at 08:20 in Novalja from where you will be transferred to Plitvice Lakes by tourist bus with a guide. The arrival is planned at 12:00 after which you will take a guided tour of the National Park. National Park Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and biggest national park in Croatia. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for 40 years. The riches of its 16 mutually connected lakes of sparkling blue-green color continually forming the tufa barriers, are the basic phenomenon and beauty of the National Park. You will experience natural beauties walking along the forest paths, crossing wooden bridges, taking a cruise by electroboat and a ride on the panoramic vehicle. Departure from Plitvice Lakes at 17:00 and arrival to the island of Pag planned at 19:30.

Duration: from 08:20 till 19:30 (The price includes: bus transport according to the itinerary, a guide and a ticket to the National Park)

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Pag Bay Cruise

One-day Pag bay cruise. Sail on the footsteps of the sunken roman city of Cissa, swimming on sand beaches and swimming inside a cave.

ITINERARY:The excursion starts on the main quay of the town of Pag.While enjoying your welcome drink the boat will take you to the sunken Roman town of Cissa (2nd c. A.C.) and the beach of the same name to enjoy swimming and relaxing. Lunch is served in a small fishing village of Metajna. Drinks (water, wine and juices) are available the whole day. Our next stop is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Pag bay, Beritnica, a perfect spot for swimming.Our last stop is the Cave. The boat will moor safely along the coast and you will have a chance to visit some hundred meters long cave, accompanied by a member of the crew. The first part is passed through on foot after which you gradually enter the sea and swim to the exit.On our way back the boat will cruise in the immediate vicinity of the Maškalić rock and the beaches Veliki and Mali Zaton, and slowly on to the town of Pag where the excursion finishes.

Duration: from 09:30 till 18:00

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Canoe Safari

Kayaking down the river Zrmanja with an expert guide and a skipper. Enjoy a beautiful landscape with fascinating waterfalls and swim underneath them.

ITINERARY:The excursion starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to Kaštel Žegarski by tourist buses. Kayaking tour (changing, instructions and boarding) starts at 9:30.The first part of the tour to the mouth of the river Krupa lasts an hour and three quarters; the visit, swimming and picnic on the Krupa waterfalls last another hour and a half; and allow for another two hours to kayak down the river Zrmanja to Muškovci. It makes a total of three hours to kayak down the river and an hour and a half for occasional breaks and swimming. Kayaking is not fatiguing or dangerous, the water is clear and warm during the summer months, which makes it a perfect adventure for beginners.We plan to return to Novalja at 18:00.

You will be provided sit-on-top kayaks for two adults and an extra seat for a child up to the age of 12. Each kayak is equipped with a 25-litre waterproof container (for the camera, documents, dry clothes, food…). Each participant will be provided a paddle, a life jacket, a kayaking helmet, whereas long neoprene wetsuits and rain jackets are used in case of cold or windy weather.

Make sure to bring a shirt, a swimsuit or swimming trunks, a towel, extra socks, water sandals or shoes, and in case of cold weather a long-sleeved shirt (preferably made of synthetics). If you are wearing glasses make sure you secure them with a glasses string. The organizer of the excursion is not responsible for lost, damaged or missing possessions.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


NP Kornati

National park situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic. Consists of a network of special Islands and rocks of exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, well-indented coast with exceptionally rich plant and animal submarine world.

ITINERARY:The excursion starts in Zadar. A one-day cruise in the National Park Kornati (over 100 islands and islets). Some of the attractions include the cliff s (some 80m high), a big lighthouse, a church from the 13th century, an old tower, old fi shing villages…We will take a two-hour break to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear sea on two beautiful beaches of the island of Mana. Lunch will be served on the island of Kornat in a domestic atmosphere of captain Igor’s house. A two-hour picnic. Return to Zadar.The price includes: aperitif, breakfast (sandwich +juice), lunch (fish + grilled meat, salad + fruit) and suffi cient amount of cold wine, juices and mineral water.

Duration: from 08:00 till 18:00

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Una Rafting

A singing appearance of the bank and a game of waterfalls and noises are a result of a live, longlasting and rare biochemical process of the creation which has brought to life the river with the deepest source of sweet water in the world – over 200m. Rafting on the Una river is an unforgettable experience. Experience the connection of adrenaline and pleasure in the untouched nature on a unique river which the old Romans, seeing its picturesque beauty, called the “Unique“.

ITINERARY:The excursion starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to Donji Lapac by tourist bus. Then you will be transferred by vans to Štrbački Buk, a 22-metre-high waterfall, one of the highest and the most beautiful in this part of Europe.The rafting tour (instructions and boarding) starts at the foot of the waterfall followed by several smaller falls making the tour exciting at the very beginning. (In some parts the canyon is over 300m deep, it is a class 4 – 5 river which makes it the only whitewater in Croatia of that class. In summer months the water level is a bit lower which makes it perfect for tourists and recreationists. Children over the age of 12 may also participate.)The rafting tour lasts two hours with a short break in Crno Vrelo and visits to the caves situated along the river. The tour finishes in Laskun, after which you will be transferred to Donji Lapac in vans and then back to Novalja.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Lunch and visit to Vrelo Une.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Rafting Cetina

Discover the unknown Dalmatia – green river, magnifi cent canyon, dense forests, waterfalls, mysterious caves and fabulous watermills. You can swim in the clean, warm water, go across the refreshing waves, take a shower under the waterfalls, drink spring water, jump off the rocks and explore caves.

ITINERARY:The tour starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to the village of Penšići by tourist bus. The rafting tour (instructions and safety measures) starts at 11:00.The tour is easy: class 1 – 3 whitewaters. Rafting on the river Cetina includes exciting rapids of fancy names: the green labyrinth, rock’n’roll slalom, the green tunnel… Previous rafting experience not required. Swimming ability essential. Children over the age of 8 accompanied by parents may participate.The rafting tour lasts 2 – 3 hours and fi nishes near Radmanove Mlinice, an open restaurant situated in real old watermill.The return to Novalja is planned at 19:00.

Duration: from 08:00 till 19:00
For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Paintball Caska

Start playing an exciting and dynamic game, wake up your instincts and eliminate opponents by hitting paintballs on fields along the beautiful sand beach Caska.

Total Elimination – The game Total Elimination is played by two teams with the same objective – to eliminate all opponents with minimum losses on its own side. The teams are distinguished by different coloured markers. The winning team is the team which remains in the field with one or more players.

Capture the Flag
The game „Capture the Flag“ is played by two teams. Each team has the objective to capture the flag which is in the opposing team’s base and to bring it back to the base. In order to capture the opposing team’s flag each team has to implement an agreed strategy in a dynamic and competitive environment as successful as possible. The winning team is that team which first takes the opposing team’s flag and brings it back to its own base.

Attack and Defence
The game „Attack and Defence“ is played by two teams. The defending team is set on a limited, bordered area with the flag. The defending team is not allowed to leave its designated area and the attacking team may approach from any position in the field. The eliminated players are not allowed to reveal by means of gestures or speech the intentions or positions of the opposing team. The attacking team takes the victory the moment the flag is grabbed and the defending team when the attacking team is prevented from taking it.

SAFETY:The players wear a safety, specially designed mask which protects them from a possible ball stroke. Paintball is a safe sport when played by the rules and since the players don’t have physical contact the risk of possible injuries is very small.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Zrmanja By Boat

By its strength and force of its tributaries Zrmanja has been breaking its way towards the sea for thousands of years. Experience true beauties of the European Grand Canyon in a pleasant boat ride.

TOUR ITINERARY: The Zrmanja tour starts in Obrovac where the river continues to fl ow through the canyon full of vegetation characteristic for carst. Right before the town itself, on the right bank there is the town’s cemetery built on the remains of a Benedictine monastery, and further on the chapel of St. Nicholas which is on the left bank of the river and testifi es the importance of the river Zrmanja as a channel through a number of centuries.The river continues further on through the ever deeper and ever wider canyon with vegetation that becomes sparser, and seemingly cruel steep cliff s take over the canyon. In that immense vastness of rock and water, only a keen eye will notice a lonely cliff with a small stone building, the so called „Pržunac“ which, according to historical findings, was the last prison of the Croatian queen Jelena which confirms the strategic importance of the River Zrmanja and its canyon in the history of this area. At the end of the canyon and the delta of this karstic beauty into the sea, we are embraced by the impressive cliff s where within just a few meters space coexist the griff on vultures and the Odysseus’ Cave as well as the remains of the ancient settlements which the local inhabitants call the ancient Šibenik.And so…with a tremendous historical heritage and unique beauty, quietly and discreetly, through a several-hundred meters wide delta, the river flows into the Novigrad sea.

The tour lasts for approximately 2 hours.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.


Do you like kayaking in smaller groups? Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Zrmanja River and its canyon and share this unique experience with family and friends. This emerald green river, one of the most beautiful ones in Croatia, will leave you breathless, while kayaking in a stable and easy-to-use packraft boat will make you feel safe and free.

ITINERARY: You meet your guides in Kaštel Žegarski. After changing clothes and receiving instructions from the guides, your adventure may start. The route goes down the Zrmanja River towards the estuary of the Krupa River, where you leave the packrafts and hike to the waterfalls of the Krupa River where you can refresh and take a swim. After this break, you head back to the packrafts and continue rowing through the scenic landscape of Zrmanja to Muškovci, with one more swimming break planned. The tour is about 4 hours long. At the end of your route, a shuttle will be waiting for you to take you back to the starting point. The rowing is not exhausting nor dangerous, and during the summer the river is clear and warm. This activity is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced river runners.

The group consists of a maximum of 9 people or packrafts. Each packraft is a one-seater, equipped with a 10 litre watertight barrel which you can use to store your belongings (clothes, documents, camera, dry food and drinks). Each participant gets a lifejacket, a helmet and neoprene slippers in case they do not have their own, and in case of colder and windy weather a neoprene suit.

Bring water, food, sunscreen, a bathing suit or trunks, a towel, a T-shirt, spare socks, sandals or water shoes; a long sleeve shirt if the weather is chilly, preferably a synthetic one. If you wear glasses, fasten them with a string or something similar. The tour operator is not responsible for lost, damaged, or missing items.The excursion is organized every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with two departures per day: at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. You must arrive to the meeting point in Kaštel Žegarski half an hour earlier, at 8:30 a.m. or at 1:30 p.m. in order to have enough time to change clothes and receive instructions.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.



A private yacht tour with your family and friends to beautiful sandy coves where you will enjoy magnificent views of the landscape and crystal clear sea.

ITINERARY: The tour starts at the Novalja waterfront. After setting out from the harbour, the sailing continues south-east towards the Mišnjak islet. After a 30-minute break for swimming, the tour continues north-west towards the Babe Beach, the shallowest beach in Novalja, where the sea is the warmest. Being located in a sandy cove, the beach is perfect for all lovers of picigin, the favourite activity for a fun day at the beach. During the tour you can enjoy views of Novalja, the beautiful Velebit mountain, the surrounding islands of Maun and Skrda, with the islands of Silba, Olib, Lošinj and Cres also being visible in the distance.The beauty of the blue horizon will profoundly relax you and provide a full summer experience. A refrigerator and an icebox are available on the yacht, so feel free to bring food and drinks to keep you cool and refreshed at any time during the tour.

Three-hour tour price: (PER PERSON)
Adults: 330,00 HRK

There are three possible departures during the day:9 a.m. – 12 p.m., 1 p.m. – 4 p.m., 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Possibility: Organizing an extended, five-hour long tour, with visits to the beaches of Kolanjsko Blato and Girenica.

Five-hour tour price: (PER PERSON)
Adults: 500,00 HRK

There are two possible departures during the day:9 a.m. – 2 p.m., 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The minimum number of people for the tour is 8. It is possible to organize the tour for a smaller group as well, but still for the price of 8 people. The maximum capacity is 12 people.



A full day excursion, sightseeing, swimming and entertainment on Olib and Silba, islands of the Zadar archipelago, known for the beauty of their landscape and the preserved island lifestyle, far away from traffic jams and city crowds.

ITINERARY: The boat departs at 10:30 a.m. from the port of Novalja, in front of the gas station, and sails towards the island of Olib. The ride takes about an hour and a half. Upon arrival to the island of Olib, there is free time for swimming and sightseeing. At 1 p.m. the boat continues the cruise to the island of Silba.After the boat sets out, lunch is served on board. Once on Silba, there is free time for swimming at one of the beautiful local sandy beaches or sightseeing. The island of Silba is also known as the sunny island which is often cooled in the afternoon by a pleasant western breeze maestral. The return to Novalja is scheduled for 5 p.m.The price includes: aperitif, lunch (meat, fish or vegetarian menu) and one drink (water, wine, draught beer and various kinds of juice). Coffee is served during the return to Novalja. Additional beverage offer is charged on board.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.



A one-day cruise along the northern side of the island of Pag. Take a swim in the Zavratnica nature park, one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic, and visit the medieval town of Rab, surrounded by city walls and well-known for its four bell towers.

ITINERARY: The boat ride starts from the port of Tovarnele in Lun towards the Zavratnica nature park, a 900 meters long bay with remains of a sunken World War II warship visible on its bottom.After a break for swimming, the boat ride continues towards the beach of Pudarica on the island of Rab, where a lunch on board and swimming on a sandy beach are planned.The last part of the trip includes a visit to the old town of Rab with free time for sightseeing, followed by return to the starting point in Lun.

Expected duration: 10 a.m. (9.30 a.m. from Novalja, Sunturist parking lot) to approximately 5 p.m.

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.



We are offering eco-friendly electric scooters to our guests. Green Rabbit scooters can go up to 45 km/h and their range with a full battery is 50 km


Choose if you want to rent it for:

1h – 100 kn
3h – 150 kn
6h – 200 kn

To rent a scooter You need to have a valid driving license
Fill up all the necessary information in the contract
The receptionist will fill the rest of the contract and make a copy of Your driving license
After instructions on how to use the scooter You will get a helmet and a key and You’re ready to go!



Party Boat is offering You a 3 hour long trip, food and drinks. You can also choose Foam Party Boat which offers you 3 hour long trip and drinks (free drinks includes beer)

At the moment Party Boat is not available. For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100

On every boat party you have a half hour break, where You can chill and jump from the boat. On this trip You can experience great parties with even better music and swimming in the open Adriatic sea



For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.

In the price You get full equipment and You can choose between Ski or Wakeboard

In breaks from boarding you can grab a meal or a drink on the Ski lift



Discover the hidden coves of an island and experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world

For details on prices and available dates please contact the reception. The number of the reception is 100.