Island Pag

If you want to have a beautiful summer vacation in Croatia, visit Island of Pag, which is known for moonlike rocky landscape and most indented coastline on the Adriatic Sea, finest croatian sea salt, fine olive oil, Pag lamb meat and Pag chease the symbol of the island acknowledged as one of the best in the world.

Experience the pleasant and refreshing sea or the mild warmth of the beach every day on one of many natural sand or pebble beaches. There are numerous sandy and gravel beaches at the island of Pag but Zrce beach is world wide known destination due its entertainment and nightlife.

Zrce Beach
Among many Croatia beaches one is totally different the Zrce beach, home of world best clubs and wild day and night parties. It is located on the north-eastern part of the island of Pag in the Zrće bay, approximately 2,5 km from Novalja. It is surrounded by a pine forest and a large parking lot.

Zrce beach at Pag island in Croatia is european top destination for party travelers. If you want to have a beautiful vacation, visit Zrce and Island of Pag, which is known for great parties in top world clubs like Papaya, Noa, Aquarius, Kalypso. Only at Zrce Beach you find 4 of the TOP 100 Clubs at one place, all 4 clubs at Zrce Beach are ranked in the TOP 40 at DJ Mag Top 100 clubs world ranking in 2018.

Zrce activities: sport boat trips, boat party, jetski, diving & snorkeling, kayaking, boat charters, parties & festivals, big game fishing trips, paintball sessions, transfers, bike tours, classic car tours, hiking, chill out sessions, dance camp, team building, water sports, camping, photo sessions, skipper school and much more.

Inspiration from nature, your first choice
Away from the fast pace of life, everyday rush and stress, at Pag island you will find a place with a warm home-like atmosphere where tradition and modern comforts are fused together. A place of age-old connection between people and nature. The hands of the islanders have for generations
been transforming the essence of herbs and sea salt into the island’s finest delicacy, Pag cheese.

The cheese
At the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest at Madison, USA, Pag cheese was proclaimed the best in the world. The Gligora Dairy is the most awarded dairy in Croatia and one of the most awarded in the world recognized as the world best cheese producer. Production tradition on the island is considered to be as old as sheep farming, while the the Liburni, an Illyrian tribe were most likely the first farmers here. They lived on the island around 800 BC, and even today above Kolan there can be seen one of the most preserved drystone fortresses belonging to the Liburni. However, the first written trace of Pag cheese dates back to 1774, when the travel writer Alberto Fortis in his work Travels into Dalmatia wrote how the most important Pag’s products included: sea salt, sage honey, wool and cheese.

Pag Island millennial Olive trees

Around 1,500 oblica olive trees stand five to eight meters tall, with an average age of about 1,200 years, while the oldest olive tree in Lun is 1,600 years old. This olive grove is unique in the world due to its large number of millennial trees all in the same location. Surrounded by clear waters and rugged bare rock, nature created something no human genius could have contrived. This olive grove is a rarity that belongs not only to the island of Pag and to Croatia – nowhere else in the entire Mediterranean are wild olive trees this well preserved in their natural habitat.

Sea salt
Being produced for a thousand years salt is the white gold of the town of Pag. The Pag salines are one of the oldest salines with the most intensive production on the Croatian coast. Pag sea salt naturally contains all the minerals found in the sea its chemical composition makes it similar to other sea salts, but its appearance, purity, balanced crystal shaped granulation, standardized quality and bitter-free taste make it a genuine pearl among sea salts.The Pag sea salt is especially appreciated by gourmets for its rich, creamy and even slightly sweet taste and it is often used as an excellent seasoning.

So take a walk, sail the sea, take a break and absorb the island’s many sights and sounds.

Have fun on vacation!

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